How to sign up for a FollowMyBid auction?

How to sign up for a Followmybid auction?

Signing up to the platform can be done in two ways: by self-sign up on an auction's page or after receiving an administrator invitation.

1.       Click on the ''Log in'' button on the auction's landing page.

or on this link

  received in the invitation e-mail.

2.       In both cases, this form appears. Choose the ''Sign up with an email'' link.

3.  Start by entering your email address.


4.       Click on the button to verify your email address.

5.      A unique verification code will be sent to your inbox.

6.      Enter your unique verification code in the designed field.

7.      If you haven't received your verification code, make sure you've entered a valid e-mail address and try again by clicking on ''Send a new code''.

*The verification code e-mail might be in your junk folder. Make sure to check it out!

8.      Click on the button ''Confirm my verification code''. After confirmation, please click the ''Register'' to continue.

9.      A sign-up form will appear. Fill in the rest of the form.


10.   Your password must contain at least 8 characters and 16 at max, with at least 3 of the 4 following elements: lowercase characters, uppercase characters, numbers (0-9) and one or many of the following symbols : @ # $ % ^ & * - _ + = [ ] { } | \ : ' , ? / ` ~ " ( ) ; .

11.   Once you're done, click on the ''Register'' button.

12.   Define your communication settings : you can choose between French and English for your language of communication. You can also decide if you want to receive notifications* for your bids.

*If you decide not to receive any notifications for your bids, you might still receive important e-mails linked to the administration of your account and the auction you're participating in.

13.   Once you're done, click on the button ''Confirm my choices''.

You can always modify your notification parameters by accessing the ''My account'' tab on the auction's landing page.

14.   Great job; you are now registered to Followmybid and can participate in every auction organized on the platform!

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